Steel doors

Elkuch Eisenring AG steel doors – durable and functional

Doors not only open and close – they need to fulfil a multitude of other requirements. Steel doors from Elkuch Eisenring have proven themselves in a variety of installation settings due to their robustness, their design, and their ability to fulfil their purpose.

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Products that last

Thanks to their strong construction from solid steel sheets, our steel doors ensure effective access protection with high-quality appearance for many years of use. They resist the ravages of time as well as the rough and tumble of daily use. They protect people or valuables from fire and smoke as well as burglars. They provide residential comfort and insulate against noise, heat, cold or simply bad weather.

Order-based and custom-made, they offer maximum freedom for architectural design. The competence of a frame specialist makes it possible to find efficient, functional and style-oriented solutions for (almost) any installation setting.

Comprehensive customer support

Elkuch Eisenring sales outlet managers can help you on site with the design, planning and price determination of projects before the order is placed. We guarantee our market partners a successful implementation of their projects by providing understandable assembly and installation specifications as well as training and support by our customer service.

Fire doors – time saved for rescuing and extinguishing

A wide range of steel doors – EN tested, VKF approved – provides safety for the client and planner.

From EI30 to EI 120

Normally, fire doors provide a passage from one fire compartment to another. In the event of fire, however, they must form a reliable barrier – on the one hand against the penetration of flames (the "E" in EI stands for ''Etanchéité", i.e. tightness), and on the other hand against an all too rapid transmission of the heat of fire (the "I" for insulation).

Elkuch Eisenring offers swinging and sliding doors from EI30 to EI120 in various designs depending on the installation situation and other requirements; for example, escape route or burglary protection.

Anti-burglary doors – protection for people and property

A wide range of steel doors – tested according to EN – provides security for the client and planner.

No chance for break-ins

Steel doors are basically just very sturdy and resistant doors. The security factor can be increased even further by suitable construction and choice of fittings. Anti-burglary doors from Elkuch Eisenring are tested and certified according to EN1627 ff. They are also available with glass cut-outs and various fitting options, and in combination with other requirements such as fire protection or escape routes.

Weather-resistant door

Outer door with impressive separation between inside and outside

-protects against wind and weather


No matter what the weather is like outside...

Steel doors are stable and durable. However, in order to insulate them against "outdoor climate", they still need thermal separation and a sophisticated sealing system. This enables the A800 exterior door to achieve a uD value of 1.1, driving rain tightness up to E750 and a climate class up to 3e. And this also together with RC2 burglary protection class. Further details on performance data and options can be found in the catalogue sheet.

Flood protection door

Water will find its way – but not so fast.

Anyone living in the valley or along rivers knows the risk of floods entering cellars or residential rooms. The A800 external door with the "flood protection" additional equipment offers a cost-effective answer to this topic. In the test it fulfilled the test criterion of the test guideline from IFT Rosenheim (FE-07/1) up to a water level of 1.3 m.

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