sheet metal cladding

Design, construction and manufacture

Stability, compactness, safety: of course. But isn't it also part of the culture of a self-confident company to give machines and apparatuses a recognisable character? To ensure you have market recognition!


We engage in a constructive and purposeful cooperation with clients and designers to develop and produce sophisticated and market-oriented machine cladding. They are refined in our painting and varnishing shop and pre-assembled to complete assemblies for fast assembly.


Our product range included numerous serial pieces and components made of stainless steel or steel.

Whether square or round basic housings, vacuum boilers, special control cabinets, linings for disinfection plants, silo plants for the PET industry. Our experience and expertise in the finest surface finishing ensures technically mature solutions.

Finding customer-specific solutions is one of our strengths

Sheet metal cladding in Switzerland - ELKUCH MOBIL AG
Elkuch Mobil AG
Gemperenstr. 28
CH-9442 Berneck
Gemperenstrasse 28 CH-9442 Berneck
Sheet metal cladding in Germany ELKUCH LANDENBERGER GmbH
Elkuch Landenberger GmbH
Charlottenstr. 35
D-72472 Winterlingen
Charlottenstrasse 35 D-72472 Winterlingen