Forming technology

Forming technology

Forming technology: Precise, reliable, fast

We will take care of your orders precisely, reliably and quickly. Progress and innovation in sheet metal processing require meticulous precision and functionality with machines that generate maximum added value for our customers.

  • Folding
  • ventilation gills, crimps
  • Deep drawing, counterbores
  • Thread rolls
  • Pressing in/welding of nuts
  • Rounds




Parts are folded and formed according to customer requirements. At a press force of 1300 kN, we process and manufacture even the thinnest sheets, if you wish. We manufacture components for chassis/electronic equipment manufacturers and customers who require narrow radii and extremely short leg lengths.


  • Thickness: 0.5 – 8 mm
  • Materials: Steel, CrNi, Aluminium
  • Bending force: 300 tons
  • Length: up to 3000x1500
  • Industrial parts, housing, etc.